Praise Report

Spring 2017 Whatcom County Praise Reports


  • The Bellingham Herald reports steady job growth in Whatcom County with 1,200 jobs added in the last year. (Prayer Request from Jan/Feb 2016)
  • Five of the Christian businesses we prayed for report experienced their best year to date in 2016. (Prayer Request from Jan/Feb 2016)


  • In 2016 there were 615 confirmed salvations with water baptism in local churches. (Prayer Request from March/April 2016)
  • 300 plus salvations/rededications on Easter 2017 in local churches. (Prayer Request from March/April 2017)
  • In 2016, there were 7 new church plants in Whatcom County. (Prayer Request from Jan/Feb 2016)
  • Inspired by the growing unity in the quarterly pastors’ gatherings, 18 pastors will be partnering together to share their pulpits for a Sunday in 2017. The last pastors’ meeting was the largest to date, with 80 pastors attending. (Prayer Request from Jan/Feb 2017)
  • There have been 11 church plants, a Bible-training center, and 1,200 baptisms in Hispanic churches over the last six years. (Prayer Request from May/June 2016)


  • Mentorship programs have started for students in Nooksack and Lynden schools. (Prayer Request from Jan/Feb 2016)
  • The Love Nooksack Valley pastors and leaders group put on a community wide gathering that was very well received and a great encouragement. LoveNV has served students and their families with a new mentorship program for students, new ways have been generated to get services to people in desperate circumstances (people without funds for gas to get to work, unable to heat their houses, and many other needs), and food banks have extended hours. (Prayer Request from March/April 2016)
  • There are several new believers in key positions on staff in Nooksack. (Prayer Request from May/June 2016)
  • The Relate program was approved back into one of two school districts reviewing curriculums after new laws took effect. They are continuing the process for approval with the second. (Prayer Request from March/April 2017)


  • There is an increase in men praying together in our community. The men’s prayer meetings Monday through Friday at the Prayer Center continue to grow, and a new men’s prayer time has started in at least one church. (Prayer Request from May/June 2016)
  • Skookum Kids has expanded with their own Child Placement Agency and currently has 4 homes providing care to foster children and 10 more homes in the process to start. (Prayer Request from May/June 2016)
  • The number of abortions in Whatcom County continues to drop, another record yearly low of 402. (Prayer Request from March/April 2016)
  • Hope4Justice is now a 501c3, enabling them to continue their efforts to bring awareness and combat human trafficking in Whatcom County. (Prayer Request from Jan/Feb 2017)
  • The city has leased a downtown building to Light House Mission for $1, opening up more safe housing to meet the needs of the homeless and provide them opportunities to turn their lives around. (Prayer Request from March/April 2015)
  • Engedi Refuge Ministry had their most successful fundraiser to date, with standing room only, and they raised just over $250,000 to continue and expand their ministry to survivors of sex-trafficking. (Prayer Request from Sept/Oct 2016)


  • Christians turned out to vote in large numbers. (Prayer Request from May/June 2016)
  • Two Christians were elected to represent Whatcom as State Representatives in Olympia. (Prayer Request from July/Aug 2016)
  • Many Christians and pro-life candidates were elected to offices nation-wide. (Prayer Request from May/June 2016)
  • Pro-life Judge Neil Gorsuch was confirmed to Supreme Court. (Prayer Request from March/April 2016)
  • President Trump signed an executive order seeking to protect and uphold religious freedom. (Request from May/June 2016)


  • The One Voice project has several songs recorded for the album and a launch/worship night planned for early 2018. (Prayer Request from March/April 2016)
  • Praise 106.5 reports a banner year with fundraising to support their ministry. (Prayer Request from Jan/Feb 2017)
  • Once Voice team has an administrator who is helping to facilitate this project. (Prayer Request from July/Aug 2016)

Strategic Missions

  • The training center in Nepal has now been nearly fully repaired. The February training cycle was successfully launched and completed. 10 students graduated, 3 of which went to pioneer mission fields in Nepal where the Gospel has never been preached. They are now endeavoring to plant churches in those places. (Prayer Request from March/April 2016)
  • God is actively at work to reach the people of India with the Gospel. Here are a few of the ways: missionary training centers are equipping many young men and women for front-line work, dozens of missionaries are fervently laboring among unreached peoples, numerous cell groups and house churches are being started, hundreds of people are publicly professing their faith in Christ through baptism, and thousands more are hearing about Him through Scripture distribution, JESUS film showings, and door-to-door evangelism efforts. (Prayer Request from Jan/Feb 2016)