Praise Report

January/February 2019 Whatcom County Praise Report


  • There were 930 water baptisms in our county and 6 new church plants in the last year. (Prayer Request from July/August 2018)
  • North County Christ The King, First Reformed Church, and Sunrise Baptist Church have joined together for a unified night of prayer and worship increasing unity in the body of Christ and the amount of prayer in our county. (Prayer Request from November/December 2018)
  • Child Evangelism Fellowship has reached over 2,440 kids in this county over the past year through Good News Clubs, summer day camps, and 5-day clubs. They hosted 36 Christmas parties reaching 395 children, and over 60 kids personally accepted Jesus as their Savior in the last year. (Prayer Request from November/December 2018)


  • The Bellingham Christian Principal reports that there have been many answers to prayer this past year. There has been unprecedented unity between staff, families, Lynden Christian Schools, Evangelical Christian Schools, and Bellingham Christian Schools. There has been provision of vision, funding, leadership, and staffing. (Prayer Request from September/October 2017)


  • Whatcom Pregnancy Clinic received a financial abundance in support; allowing them to offer lifesaving services FREE OF CHARGE to abortion vulnerable women and their families and allowing them to pay off a substantial amount of their building mortgage. (Prayer Request from March/April 2018)
  • A non-profit organization called Beacon for Life just started up in early 2018. This non-profit seeks to support those struggling with mental health issues and addiction emotionally and financially, and so far, 15 individuals have been helped through this non-profit. (Prayer Request from November/December 2018)


  • There has been recent confirmation of two godly Supreme Court justices for our Supreme Court. (Prayer Request from September/October 2018)
  • Turkey released Pastor Andrew Brunson after two years in prison because of involvement from US government. (Praise God!)

Social Services

  • Lighthouse Mission has had a 40% increase in volunteers and has increased their number of outreach programs. There are now two new outreach programs: Street Connect and Shower Connect. There are also now regular 10-week staff trainings and a new aftercare program for Agape. (Prayer Request from November/December 2018)


  • The Spring Share Fundraiser hosted by Praise 106.5 went very well. They met their spring fundraising goal. (Prayer Request from May/June 2018)

Strategic Missions

  • Last year (2018) among the indigenous ministries in Asia that Project 92 is partnering with, a reported 5,500 people made first-time decisions to follow Jesus, and 1,579 were baptized. (Prayer Request from March/April 2018)
  • In Iran, there is an escalating revival with thousands of baptisms last year, despite the risk of martyrdom. (Prayer Request from November/December 2018)
  • In India, upcoming elections increasingly show potential to unseat the extremist Hindu party which has led to violence, persecution of the church and expulsion of missionaries. Indigenous church planters show great faith by continuing ministry despite the dangers. (Prayer Request from January/February 2018)
  • Lummi Nation Chairman has come to Christ and is now a believer. (Prayer Request from September/October 2017)
  • In Syria, the war has led to an expanding network of house churches among the Syrian Arabs, Kurds and Yazidis, as well as in the refugee camps. Workers estimate that a startling 10% of Syrian refugees have met Jesus in a dream, though many have yet to become disciples. (Prayer Request from November/December 2018)