Praise Report

January 2019 Whatcom County Praise Report


  • At the Palou outreach in Eugene, Oregon, there were 9,500 people who attended and 850 confessions of faith. At the women’s outreach event, there were 24 new commitments to Christ and 78 rededications to Christ. At the skateboard outreach, 250 young people attended and there were 24 new commitments to Christ. (Prayer Request from July/August 2018)
  • At the Franklin Graham meetings, there were 14,000 people who attended in Spokane, 7,800 people who attended in Tacoma, 13,000 people who attended in Tri-Cities, 8,300 who attended in Monroe, and thousands that responded to the gospel! (Prayer Request from July/August 2018)
  • At the Global Leadership Summit, 658 people attended which was a very high attendance. (Prayer Request from July/August 2018)
  • Through Child Evangelism Fellowship, 1,413 children heard the Gospel, 73 decisions for Christ were made, and many children were counseled to receive Salvation or counseled through personal struggles with sin. There were 99 youth trained for summer ministry and 117 bibles given away. (Prayer Request from May/June 2018)
  • There were 2,015 campers at Firwood this summer and 1,899 at Fircreek. In addition, there was about 35 kids per week participating in the ASA (Awesome Summer Adventure). These kids carry over from the school year ASA and are all partially funded through DSHS (therefore, from low income families). (Prayer Request from May/June 2018)


  • 3,500 kids attended VBS this summer, which is the most attendance we have ever seen in Whatcom County and there were more than 100 first time salvations. (Prayer Request from July/Aug 2018)
  • At one of our local schools, 4 new people were hired and 3 of them were believers. (Prayer Request from March/April 2018)
  • Christian Faculty Group at Western Washington University is continuing to serve on campus. They have a strong start to this academic year and will be hosting an “open house” reception.” (Prayer Request from March/Apr 2018)


  • As we have prayed for purity in our men and in our county, we have seen Josh Parriera step into full leadership of Men of Dignity, organizing several outreaches and building a platform to call men of the Church of Whatcom County into purity. (Prayer Request from Jan/Feb 2018)
  • Engedi Refuge continues to lead the way in maintaining a 90% re-entry rate for women returning to a healthy lifestyle after being victims of trafficking. (Prayer Request from Jan/Feb 2018)
  • Skookum Kids continues to grow. The foster licensing portion of Skookum has grown 37 foster families this year. (Prayer Request from March/April 2018)
  • Fountain Community Church hosted 30 homeless women a night during the winter season up to March 1. They had 160 volunteers. (Prayer Request from March/April 2018)
  • Whatcom County Pregnancy Clinic has done 141 pregnancy tests so far this year and 71 ultrasounds. They are launching STI testing on September 10th. (Prayer Request from Mar/April 2018)
  • Royal Family Kids Camp had 59 foster kids at camp this summer and they launched the first Weekend Teen Camp here in Whatcom County called TRAC. (Prayer Request from July/August 2018)


  • The U.S. Senate passed legislation called FOSTA (the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act). As a result,, a website used primarily to sell sex, was shut down. Also, in response to the FOSTA legislation, Craigslist has announced that it will shut down its personals section which has been used to solicit sex in the past. (Prayer Request from Jan/Feb 2018)

Social Services

  • Better Together Breakfast, a gathering where nonprofit leaders network and pray together, reached its highest attendance this last summer. (Prayer Request from May/June 2018)
  • There have been several godly board members willing to serve in nonprofit ministries in the last several months. (Prayer request from Jan/Feb 2018)
  • The Lunch & Soul Care Day at Cedar Springs was very well attended and provided much needed refreshment to various non-profits. 47 total people attended. (Prayer Request from July/Aug 2018)
  • 2nd Annual Nonprofit Prayer Gathering had 45 people in attendance from about 30 different nonprofit organizations. There was great fellowship, prayer, and worship. (Prayer Request from May/June 2018)
  • In July, there was a joint-church City Service Day where Love INC coordinated 5 churches to serve with The City of Bellingham by converting a graffiti wall on Ohio Street into a colorful mural. City officials were blessed and those involved enjoyed serving. (Prayer Request from July/Aug 2018)


  • The Spring Share Fundraiser hosted by Praise 106.5 went very well. They met their spring fundraising goal. (Prayer Request from May/June 2018)

Strategic Missions

  • Over the course of 3 months (May-July 2018) God thrust forth 53 indigenous laborers into the pioneer harvest fields of South Asia!  Some will go to help establish fledgling churches, while others will go to pioneer the Gospel in places it has rarely, if ever, been heard. Statistically speaking, in time these laborers (corporately) will reach an estimated 75,000 people with the Good News!  Thanks for praying! (Prayer Request from March/April 2018)