Praise Report

January 2018 Whatcom County Praise Report


  • King 5 News reports that Bellingham is the city with the highest job growth rate in the nation. (Prayer Request from Jan/Feb 2016)
  • The House of Representatives and the Senate recently passed a $1.5 trillion tax bill that will create tax cuts for businesses and families in the United States beginning in February 2018. (Prayer Request from Jan/Feb


  • 615 water baptisms in churches in Whatcom County in 2017! (Prayer Request from March/April 2017)
  • There are 80 pastors from the county meeting consistently together at the Praying for Pastors gatherings. (Prayer Request from Sept/Oct 2017)
  • 80 water baptisms of new believers in our Hispanic churches. They have added 1,500 new believers baptized in water in the last six years, with 11 new church plants launching with these new believers which is 10% of the 15,000 total Hispanic population in Whatcom County. (Prayer Request from March/April 2017)


  • In Nooksack, over 150 people including the school superintendent, principals, pastors, parents, teachers and students joined for a dedication PRAYER meeting at the new middle school, inviting Jesus to come have his way. (Prayer Request from Jan/Feb 2017)
  • Child Evangelism Fellowship reports there are over 700 children enrolled in 26 Good News Clubs throughout Whatcom County. The largest club at Custer Elementary School has 73 kids with 78% being unchurched. Children are being mentored and the gospel is being shared. (Prayer request from May/June 2017)


  • Skookum Kids, a foster care agency, launched Skookum Parents in the summer of 2017 and currently has 17 licensed foster parents in the agency. There are 100 plus volunteers! There are added programs including Foster Family of the Month and Foster Family Night Out to bring support and encouragement to the heroes of the Fostering Community. (Prayer Request from March/April 2017)
  • Engedi Refuge Ministry has a third ‘transitional living’ house, bringing Engedi’s residency capacity up to 12. 12 out of 13 of the residents that have been served in Engedi’s program in 2017 have given their hearts to Christ and 4 Engedi residents have experienced water baptisms. (Prayer Request from March/April 2017)
  • Twenty men in Whatcom and Skagit counties were caught in a sting that targeted internet predators attempting to solicit sexual contact with minors and most were arrested. In the last two years, there have been 159 arrests and 22 identified and rescued child victims statewide. (Prayer Request from March/April 2016)
  • The Firs camps had the opportunity to minister to nearly 4,000 youth! Child Evangelism Fellowship Whatcom shared the gospel with 3,800 kids, a 12% increase over last year, with 100 known decisions for Christ! (Prayer Request from July/Aug 2017)
  • Misha Collins (actor and resident of Bellingham) and his wife Vicki in partnership with their property manager and Lydia Place have helped house 12 homeless families in Whatcom County this past December. (Prayer Request from Nov/Dec 2017)


  • President Trump is standing with Israel and has established the United States Embassy in Jerusalem confirming it as the capital of Israel. (Prayer Request from Sept/Oct 2014)
  • There is an increase of young men who are attending Whatcom City Council meetings and are speaking up during public response time for biblical values and Godly laws. (Prayer Request from Sept/Oct 2015)

Social Services

  • A group of Non-profit leaders gather together weekly and consistently for prayer and have recently added one new regular member. (Prayer Request from July/Aug 2017)
  • God has provided financial provision for non-profits through annual events in fall 2017. (Prayer Request from Nov/Dec 2017)
  • There is an increasing unity of our Christian non-profits; there is now an established monthly breakfast called Better Together Breakfasts where they encourage each other and pray together. (Prayer Request from July/Aug 2017)


  • According to Times Magazine and New York Times, there have been over 50 people in media, politics, and sports accused for sexual misconduct, many of which have been proven to be true in the last year. There has been an exposing and cleansing of the public realm. (Prayer Request from March/April 2017)
  • The Whatcom Story Part 2 video was completed and there is a huge response all over the country. (Prayer Request from Sept/Oct 2017)
  • The Moravian Video was also completed: Linking Prayer and Mission. It has been well received and sent out to major mission organizations to use including YWAM, CRU, Every Home for Christ, Wycliff, and more. (Prayer Request from Sept/Oct 2017)

Strategic Missions

  • YWAM in Lynden has the fastest growing DTS in the world: 39 students from 8 nations. YWAM even had to turn down 60 applications this year because of not having enough capacity for all the applicants. (Prayer Request from Sept/Oct 2016)
  • This past summer, a tribal elder in partnership with others held a week-long conference at Lummi where the gospel was shared, and 4 people were baptized. (Prayer Request from July/Aug 2017)
  • There was an outreach by the Sea of Galilee where there were one thousand Jewish Israelis who had never heard the gospel. Many stood up, proclaimed faith in Christ, and received healing by the end of the event. (Prayer Request from Nov/Dec 2016)
  • Subsequent to research and prayer, a dedicated indigenous initiative was launched to reach the South Indian unreached people groups. Various outreach methods were used to break the ice and gain a hearing.  A short-term missionary training program was launched in October, and the 10 graduates will be joining this pioneer outreach effort.  God is at work!  (Prayer Request from March/April 2017)