Praise Report

February 2020 Whatcom County Praise Report


  • 911 Baptisms this last year (2019). These are people who responded to the gospel for the first time, were baptized and are now being discipled. Praise God for the growth in the Kingdom! There is more celebration in heaven when one sinner repents than when the 99 remain in the flock. Let’s celebrate!
  • In 2019 there were 7 new church plants in Whatcom County.
  • At the end of January we (LOWPC) hosted the International Prayer Council. 22 people from 15 nations that each are leaders of prayer networks in their country or their area of countries. This was a great time of rest, family like connections, and Holy Spirit inspiration.


  • Illuminate continues to develop and encourage men and women in business to lead godly lives as individuals and as business owners here in Whatcom county and in the North West.


  • The senior pastor and children’s pastor of 6 churches ( CLA in Langley Canada, First Reformed Church, Ferndale CTK, North Lake, Good News Fellowship and Roots in Seattle) are either using the Prayer Covenant in their congregations to grow families in prayer or actively praying the prayer for self and with leadership team. Please continue to pray for their hearts to connect with the prayer to share their personal experience with their congregations and to follow Jesus young and old, together.


  • Several federal government and court decisions that are strongly pro-life. Continue to pray for the sanctity of life particularly with the 40 Days for life campaign.

Social Services

  • Engedi Refuge put out a late in the year request for funds as they were far short of being able to do what God has called them to do. The people of God responded – and in abundance!! Thank you Lord.
  • The Bellingham cold weather shelter had several individual stories of God’s Mercy. One was the overall attitude as people of very different backgrounds and belief ‘systems’ came together and it was peaceful.
  • Aaron Newcomb from Engedi and one of the ladies who was a resident there have been given the opportunity to tell their story to a class at WWU. Praise God that His Word will not come empty but shall accomplish that which I purpose, and succeed in the thing for which I sent it. (Is 55:11)


  • Praise 106.5 has an increased number of listeners in the greater Vancouver BC area. Please continue to pray for the power of the gospel to go out through the airwaves.

Strategic Missions

  • This is a long term praise report – our friend Matt Smith reported concerning a man he knows in India who was saved at the age of 17 (25 years ago) and has since planted 60 churches in very difficult areas. His plan is for 400 more in the next 10 years. Praise God and let us continue in prayer for indigenous evangelists!
  • During the last 12 years a man and his wife in a remote area have opened a boarding school where they introduce the students to Jesus. This is a spiritually dark, mainly Buddhist area and the boarding school has opened the door for many to come to now Jesus.