The Blind-folded Lamb…

The Blind-folded Lamb…

Luke 22:64 (NIV), They blindfolded him and demanded, “Prophesy! Who hit you?” 

I have always wondered why you never see this seen in the paintings of Jesus?  This scene seems noticeably absent, yet it is so terribly tragic.  It is incredibly telling as the ‘Blindfolded Christ’ is seated amongst a group filled with blind hatred.  And this they did to Jesus of Nazareth who had healed a man born blind.  As Samuel Zwemmer writes,

“Why did it occur to them to blindfold Jesus?  Was it not because His eyes were filled with such a holy wonder at their unbelief, eyes full of compassion for their ignorance and yet flashing with a light that smote their consciences like a flame of fire.  They could not bear to look Him in the face and so, as Mark says, “when some began to spit on him, others ‘covered his face and began to hit him”  And certainly it was not just an individual that struck him, it was the race, it was humanity, it was you and I.  “He was smitten of God, afflicted and we hid as it were our faces from Him”—or, when we could not hide our faces we covered His face and blindfolded him.  They all agreed as did we, to hide His face before they struck his Glory…”

Even today men cannot leave Christ alone.  His face is riveting!  It is a magnetic pull as a flame of fire!  Men are either drawn or repelled but there is no neutral ground when one looks at the glory of God in face of Christ! 

Behold the Man!  Bound, exhausted, bruised, insulted, and yet silent with the silence of suffering love.  The Word of God who spoke creation into existence with mere sentences is now silent before the very ones he had created. 

The Father is always looking at the wounds of his Son!  He is asking, “when will the church give him what he deserves?” May the slain Lamb receive the due reward of his sufferings!

There was a true story of a father who got a call from the police one night that his son had been in an accident and he needed to come down as soon as possible.  On his way to the accident, he wondered…he trembled…he groaned…he cried…if only…as he arrived at the accident the ambulances were blocking his way to the scene.  Frantically he tried to weave his way through the myriads of people not able to contain his emotions.  “Please get out of the way…I need to see my son.” Looking ahead he saw the car and knew instantly that his son hadn’t made it…lying on a stretcher he saw his son, and embraced him…covered in blood…he looked up and saw his son’s blood all over the road…he obviously had been thrown from the car.  But as he looked up…he saw cars coming quickly towards the scene…he jumped up and in anger, screaming at the cars streaming by, “STOP!  Don’t you see it!  You are driving over my son’s blood…STOP, don’t you care?” 

 In the same way, I can imagine the Father saying to his church today, “STOP!  Don’t you see it?  Don’t you Care?” 

Hebrews 10:29 How much more severely do you think a man deserves to be punished who has trampled the Son of God under foot, who has treated as an unholy thing the blood of the covenant that sanctified him, and who has insulted the Spirit of grace?”

By the grace of God let us never treat the blood of the Son of God with contempt, trampling it under our feet.  O God help us to never become desensitized or familiar to the reality of the cross!  For indeed this is holy ground!

These things the angels long to see, but they cover their faces when they behold the mysteries and excellencies of the grace of the gospel…

“Crown Him the Lord of Love;
Behold his hands and side,
Rich wounds, yet visible above
In beauty glorified
No angel in the sky
Can fully bear that sight,
But downward bends his burning eye
At mysteries so bright!”[i]


[i] Samuel Zwemmer, Glory of the Cross, pg 113



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