The Glory of the Lamb

The Glory of the Lamb

Jesus still bears the scars and marks from the cross on his glorified body in heaven!  He stands as a Lamb as though it had been slain.  Charles Spurgeon said that these wounds are “lustrous with supernatural splendor.”  These are more than mere scars.  They are like medals of Glory, still embedded in His body and announcing the message of His grand sacrifice on the cross!”[i]

Jesus went from wearing a cruel crown of thorns to wearing a golden crown of glory, from robes dipped in blood to a kingly robe of splendor, from a mock scepter in his hand to a scepter of authority, from the insults of men to the worship of angels, from the filth of sin to the beauty of holiness…

See his head and hair, once soaked in blood, now dazzling white as snow…See the One whose eyes stung and dripped blood, tears of sorrow, now blazing like fire, like flames of torches…see the face, once swollen and raw from patches of His beard torn out…now his face shines brighter than the sun in all its brilliance…see his body, once stripped naked, now clothed in eternal majesty…see his hands pierced, now bleeding  infinite splendor, feet once spiked to a stake of timber, now gleaming like burnished bronze…his side once pierced and now hear him say, “This wound in my Heart is for YOU!”

“Every Wound Bleeds Glory”

From victim to victor, from worm to warrior, from humiliation to glorification, from tortured to triumphant, from degradation to exaltation, from a lowly bleeding Lamb to a glorified Lion-Lamb! 
He’s the One from Whom Glory flows!  Glory that flows from Him, and through Him, and Back to Him!
He’s the Central Sun in the universe,
He’s the Dazzling One,         
He’s the Outstanding One,
He’s the Chandelier of Heaven,        
He’s the Well Spring of Eternity,
He’s the Fountainhead of Glory,
He’s the Worthy Lamb of all Glory![ii]


[i] Charles Spurgeon, “Mourning at the Sight of the Crucified.” Pg. 190


[ii] Sandy Kirk, Glory of  the Lamb, pg 102-103


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