County Prayer List

May/June 2017


  • Pray for business leaders to have wisdom in hiring new employees.
  • Pray for business owners and employees to have consistent sabbath rest.
  • Pray for small businesses in Whatcom to prosper as cost of business increases.


  • Pray for increased unity among churches. Many pastors are sharing pulpits this spring and summer, and 10 churches are participating in a Sunday morning service together for the annual Pentecost Gathering on May 28th.
  • Pray for our children’s ministry teams and pastors as they gear up for the summer months, VBS’s, and camps. Pray that our children would grow strong in the Lord and for a mighty children’s prayer network to be raised up in Whatcom!


  • Pray for more mentors for our students so all kids feel loved by an adult, and so that we will better know how to meet our students’ needs. (Psalm 82:3).
  • Pray for supernatural staff cohesion and passion for change that impacts the lives of our students, which can only happen if our teams are unified! (Psalm 133)
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit would put it on the heart of each church to adopt a school to serve – in the Name of Jesus and in His resurrection power. (Acts 1:8)


  • 80% of children enter the foster system due to parental drug involvement. Please pray for a decrease in the supply lines of heroin and methamphetamine coming into our county. Ask the Lord to fill those needs with his Spirit and to draw the broken to Himself.
  • Please continue to pray for an ending to abortion and an increased desire for adoption among the Church, that we will be ready to receive the abundance of children. Pray for affordable adoptions and healing care for biological parents.
  • Please pray that we would grow in honor between the generations, being thankful of our heritage and loving the elderly well. Pray that Whatcom County would attract the elderly retirement not just because of the beautiful creation but that the Lord would be found here and many would find salvation in their last years of life.
  • Pray for Poverty Reconsidered, a training on June 3rd for deacon teams, compassion ministry leaders and anyone interested in understanding and addressing poverty issues. Pray for a decrease in poverty related issues in our community.


  • Pray for Godly, capable people to be elected to offices at all levels of government, especially in the upcoming Whatcom county council election.
  • Pray for safety of patrolling police officers and jail personnel as they deal with mental illness induced violence. Also, pray for their families as the stresses of law enforcement can be devastating at home.
  • Pray for wisdom and fair decision making for law makers as they make and implement laws regarding our resources.


  • Pray for the Health Ministry Network composed of Faith Community Nurses and Health Ministers centered at PHSJMC represented by many different churches and different expressions of faith. Pray that they would be used by God to minister His love, care and light to our community.
  • Pray for renewal for those in the health-care field in the midst of fatigue and routine. Pray that Christians in health-care would do everything as worship unto Jesus.
  • Pray for individuals with high healthcare costs to have relief from debt.


  • Pray for PRAISE 1065 to have Holy Spirit inspiration in their programming resulting in an increase in testimonies and listeners.
  • Please pray that the vision of the One Voice project – “united prayer and praise” – would grow in the church community. Pray for a host church, the funding, and promotion of this project.

Strategic Missions

  • Pray for Project 92 missionaries in South India who are researching and evaluating a possible outreach to four un-Evangelized people groups. There are no known Christians among them. Pray that God will send laborers to these peoples, draw many of them to Christ, and establish His Church among them.
  • Pray for new leaders, staff, and continued growth of our Lynden YWAM North Cascades base.
  • Pray for a growing group of Israeli believers who are boldly sharing the gospel and praying for the sick in the name of Jesus on the streets of Tel Aviv. Pray that this group would be led by the Spirit in humility and unity, and that many hearts would be open to hear.