County Prayer List

November/December 2018


  • Pray for an increase in prayer in our local churches and ministries in Whatcom County. Pray for pastors to lead their churches in corporate prayer times and for families to grow in prayer together in their homes. Please pray that God would double the number of Day2Pray churches in our county.
  • Pray for God to raise up a children and youth prayer network in Whatcom County. Pray for our children’s pastors, youth pastors, Awana directors, Child Evangelism Fellowship leaders, and others as they equip our children to grow in Christ.


  • Please pray for the upcoming November election, that Christians would be informed and vote. Pray that we as believers would see citizenship as an important stewardship.
  • Pray for the confirmation and election of godly judges in our Supreme Court.


  • Please pray for our church families as we enter the fall season, that prayer would be the center of our homes. Please pray that we would disciple our children in the ways of the Lord, creating healthy boundaries to keep us focused in relationship with God.
  • Pray for the Stand Against Slavery event happening on November 3. Pray that many would come to join in prayer against sexual exploitation and for setting captives free. Please pray for the exposure of human trafficking. Also, pray for ministry to develop in our county to meet the needs of trafficking victims under age 21.


  • Pray for the labor market that God would bring the right people to the right job as many companies are struggling to find the “right” employees and labor workers. Pray for businesses that are passing off leadership to the next generation. Pray for understanding and new life into those businesses.
  • Pray for housing costs to level out and/or affordable options for those people “priced out” of the housing market.


  • Pray for the “One Voice Creates” team which is a multi-church group of artists that helped organize the One Voice Project. Pray for protection as some family emergencies have taken place and that this group would take root this Fall. Also, pray that worship leaders would enter the fall with renewed passion and full tanks.
  • Please pray for PRAISE 106.5 listeners to be blessed through the music and host stories on the radio. May those feeling empty be led to the station and encouraged through their content.


  • Pray for those with limited medical options, for healing and wisdom on the doctors who care for them.
  • Pray that churches would adopt elderly in extended care facilities.


  • Please pray that Christian students, staff, and parents would seek wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of God to love and live for Jesus without compromise (Psalms 50:23 & Ephesians 1:17) and that they would be known by a spirit of thankfulness. (Psalm 50:14)
  • Pray for a covering of safety over all schools (Psalm 91) and for the development of a Christian High school in Bellingham.

Social Services

  • Pray for God’s vision for transformation in the Social Service team and non-profits in our county, that God would be the head of it all.
  • Please pray for a wall of protection for nonprofit service agencies and leaders as they experience spiritual warfare: Love INC, Skookum Kids, Engedi Refuge, Rebound, Whatcom Pregnancy Clinic, Lighthouse Mission, Men of Dignity, Envision Mission, Hope House, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services (DVSAS) and many more.

Strategic Missions

  • Indigenous efforts are being made to translate and contextualize select Bible stories in hopes of being able to use them in sharing the Gospel message to an unreached tribe in Bangladesh.  Pray that God will bless these efforts, that many people will respond, and that the church will be established among this tribe.
  • Yemen is recognized as the worst humanitarian disaster in the world in 2018. Huge numbers of people are facing starvation, including well over a million children. Evil atrocities darken daily life during civil war. Join Jesus and Yemeni mothers in intercession for their children according to Lam. 2:18-19 and into the hope of Lam. 3:21-26.