County Prayer List

September/October 2017


  • Pray that God would bless Christian business leaders and Christian owned businesses: Woods Coffee, OverEasy, Moncrieff Construction, Faithlife, Superfeet, and others.
  • Pray that rental costs would be affordable in Whatcom and that landlords would be fair in pricing.


  • Pray for a spirit of repentance to sweep through the churches of Whatcom County. Isaiah 57:15
  • Pray for 62 churches in the county that will commit to a day to pray once a month every month (2 per day). This would be about half the churches in the county committed to building a canopy of united, strategic and sustainable prayer.
  • Pray for the next Pastors Praying for Pastors meeting on Sept. 27th.


  • Pray for the Christian schools in Whatcom County – Bellingham Christian, Evergreen, Lynden Christian, Ebenezer, for a spirit of unity, and the finances to launch a Bellingham Christian High School.
  • Pray for a clear godly identity for each student and pray for protection from the gender identity confusion in our society.
  • Pray for youth to join adults at the Prayer Center on Mondays at 4:30 to pray for education. Pray that parents, teachers, grandparents and students will pray together for God to be glorified in the schools.


  • Please pray for protection over Whatcom County Pregnancy Clinic as they ask for favor in legislation, open doors for school programs, and truth to be made known. Continue to pray for the ending of abortion and that the church will continue to rise up to receive children and love birth parents.
  • Pray that we would see an increase of families in church this fall pursuing Jesus and they would be encouraged to pray in their homes together as family units.


  • Please pray for Godly wisdom and leadership in our government with North Korea, for cultural and racial issues in our nation, for healthcare, and other important issues.
  • Please pray for our general election in Whatcom County on November 7th. Pray for Godly candidates and bills to be selected.
  • Please pray for our City Councils, that God would fill them with his wisdom and lead them in his priorities.


  • Pray for God’s leadership on our health team as they form a vision for how to serve Health professionals in Whatcom County.
  • Pray for a comprehensive national health care bill to be passed that would honor God.


  • Pray for the Whatcom Story Part 2 video project, a video that highlights the impact from the Day2Pray strategy. The first video has had global impact, inspiring other cities and countries to start similar prayer in their cities.
  • Continue to pray for the One Voice project. Please pray for continued unity for worshipers of Whatcom, and the Lord’s provision for this project including bringing in 7 visual artists and videographer.

Social Services

  • Pray for an increased number of Christian volunteers to serve with nonprofits and for those who will commit to support nonprofit workers in prayer and encouragement.
  • Pray for Christian leaders and staff working in social services to have a strong vibrant prayer life, resting in Him and looking to Jesus as Alpha and Omega.
  • Pray for the social service team as they have begun praying weekly; pray that the team would grow.

Strategic Missions

  • Project 92 is partnering with a grass-roots ministry in Bangladesh which is targeting a largely-unreached Buddhist tribe.Pray that God will establish His church among the Buddhist tribe in Bangladesh, that it will be a vibrant and outreaching one, and that hundreds more people will come to Christ!
  • Pray for increased support for missionaries through churches in Whatcom County.
  • Pray for Christians to be raised up to minister to unreached people groups in our County including Lummi, Nooksack, Sikh.