County Prayer List

May/June 2018


  • Pray that money would be a tool and not a goal for the people of Whatcom County.
  • Pray for the cancellation of debt across our county. Romans 13:8, “Let no debt remain except the continual debt to love one another.”


  • Pray for the number of water baptisms to double in 2018.
  • Pray for a mighty anointing on the children’s ministries in our churches and camps this summer (CEF, VBS, Fir’s, Royal Kids, Awanas, and summer mission trips). Pray for children’s pastors to come together in unity, for God to raise up more volunteers to serve children in our churches, and for a children’s prayer network in Whatcom County.
  • Pray for discipling relationships for new believers after salvations happened from the Carry the Love Event and from Easter Services.


  • Please pray for believers to have boldness and courage to share the hope they have in Jesus in love despite opposition. Pray for an increase of the fear of the Lord and a decrease of the fear of man. Luke 10:2.
  • There have been several suicides in the last couple months. Pray for sensitivity and discernment for believers. Pray for protection for those who are feeling hopeless. Romans 15:13 and Matthew 12:15-21.


  • 80% of children entering the foster care system are there due to parental drug involvement. Please pray the supply lines of opioids to decrease. Pray for healing over the parents.
  • Continue to pray for an ending to abortion, an increased desire for adoption among the church, and affordable adoption.
  • Please pray that we would grow in honoring the generations, being thankful for our heritage and loving the elderly well. Pray that Whatcom County would attract the retired elderly population because of the Lord’s presence and that many would find salvation. Pray for revival in our retirement homes.


  • Pray for our city/county planners and attorneys to have supernatural wisdom and creative solutions to accommodate for growth in our county and cities, that there would be harmony and peace in the collaborative discussions.
  • Pray for stability in the Whatcom county prosecutor’s office – since the elected prosecutor announced his retirement at the end of the year, there has been uncertainty and many vacated positions. Pray that the next elected prosecutor will be one who is seeking God’s face and that all the vacancies throughout the office are filled with Kingdom minded believers.
  • The City of Bellingham has asked churches for help with the homeless. Pray that churches would have wisdom to show care and dignity without enabling.


  • Pray for healthcare workers to recognize God as their healer.
  • Please pray for healthcare workers to increase in confidence to share faith at their workplace.
  • Pray for nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals to be filled with God’s grace to care for others in all situations.


  • Please pray for our local radio station PRAISE 106.5, that they would be a light to our community. Pray for the DJs to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit to guide what they say on the air and pray for PRAISE listeners to be filled with hope.
  • Pray for financial blessing and abundance at PRAISE 106.5’s Spring Share fundraiser.

Social Services

  • Pray for God’s encouragement, protection, hope and endurance on non-profit ministries (Engedi, Lighthouse Mission, Rebound, Whatcom Pregnancy Clinic, Love Inc, and others in our county) as they go through spiritual warfare.
  • Pray God’s blessing over the 2nd Annual Nonprofit Prayer Gathering at the Firs on May 16. Pray for good attendance from nonprofit workers, that they would join in prayer, worship and fellowship.
  • Pray for non-profit leaders, workers, and volunteers to receive insight, growth, and an increased desire for prayer, that they would pray God’s heart and pray transformation within this area of our culture.

Strategic Missions

  • Over the course of the last three months, nearly 2,000 people in South Asia have decided to follow Jesus.  Pray that they will stand firm in their faith, despite opposition.  Pray that God will use them to further the Gospel message to others who need to hear it.
  • After hundreds attended an evangelism training in Jerusalem, local messianic Jewish believers are actively seeking to pray and share the gospel on the streets of Jerusalem.  Please pray for them to be strengthened in the Lord, in unity together and to be fruitful as they obey the great commission.