County Prayer List



  • Pray for the salvations of co-workers and business owners.
  • Pray for a strong economic start to the new year for businesses in Whatcom County and wisdom for creative ways to cut costs.


  • Pray for the church to grow in intimacy and friendship with the Lord in 2018. Pray that we would hear the voice of the Lord, open the door and eat with Christ at his table together. Rev. 3:20.
  • Pray for a year of generosity that every believer would give/tithe 10% of their income to the Lord and for churches in Whatcom County to be released from all ‘debt.
  • Pray for 20% increase in the numbers of first time salvations baptized in water next year. (2000 approx.)
  • Pray for a culture of honor in the churches of Whatcom County; pray for a ‘spirit of unity’ at the next Pastors Praying for Pastors gathering on Jan. 31st. Rom. 12:10.


  • Pray for deep healing for students dealing with addictions, experiencing grief, and intense insecurities.
  • Pray for the Winter Camp on Jan 26-28 where there will be hundreds of students from 10+ campuses coming from Washington, Oregon and Idaho and for the many Winter Camps happening throughout this winter season.
  • Pray for salvations for the 300 international students coming to Whatcom Community College from 30 different countries, many who know nothing or very little about Jesus.
  • Pray for educators from each level of schooling (Pre-K through University) and from each district to meet, pray, and connect with one another at the upcoming educator gathering at Light of the World Prayer Center.


  • Please pray for the Lord to do a deep work in Christian marriages. Ephesians 5:25.
  • Please pray for repentance of sexual sin that we would walk in purity and fullness of Christ; pray for Engedi Refuge as they serve the victims of human trafficking, that they would see abundant blessing and restorative healing in their midst.
  • Please pray for a release of worship and praise to be on the children in our county, churches, school music programs, Lummi/Nooksack reservation, and in non-profits such as Child Evangelism Fellowship. Psalm 8:2.


  • Pray for Supreme Court decisions regarding cases that involve critical implications for religious liberty.
  • Pray for wisdom for elected officials as they endeavor to create more affordable housing and conviction to pass Godly legislation on the national state and local level in regards to life, marriage, taxation, and more.
  • Pray for an increase of Christians to awaken to their role as engaged citizens that stand for Godly laws and religious freedom.


  • Please pray for a decrease in cancer rates in Whatcom County.
  • Pray for those suffering with depression to find relief in Jesus and to find healthy community.
  • Pray for the salvation of healthcare workers throughout our county.


  • Please pray for the One Voice Project; pray for the mixer, Jaben, and the final mixes of the songs to have God’s anointing, and sound pleasing to the ear.
  • Pray for the production & duplication of the One Voice Project CD; pray for timing, excellence, organization and that real unity would be kindled through this project.
  • Pray for wisdom, health and protection over the show hosts and DJs from PRAISE 106.5 and pray for those who tuned in for the Christmas season to continue as listeners and find salvation in the New Year.

Social Services

  • Several Nonprofits are in great need of board members. Pray for God to network godly believers who are willing to serve on the boards of local Christian Nonprofits.
  • Please pray for wisdom, provision and open doors for nonprofits as we develop programs and expand services.
  • Pray for strength, protection, and encouragement over staff serving in the nonprofits.

Strategic Missions

  • Pray for a case currently in the supreme court of Israel that could change the law and open the door for Jewish people who profess faith in Jesus to return to Israel as citizens without hindrance. Please pray for the Lord to open the door wide that they would be able to return to Israel that their light might shine and many in Israel would hear the gospel.
  • Significant efforts are being made to eliminate religious minorities in India. Pray that God will stem this tide, that the Gospel will move forward rapidly, that many people will hear and respond, and that many indigenous churches will be planted.