Exalting Jesus Christ through prayer and worship for the glory of God.


In this newsletter, you’ll read some highlights from 2023 and where we are going in 2024. Reflecting on the past year, LOWPC has witnessed remarkable growth and connection. We hope you will continue to pray with us as we lift up King Jesus and the things God has in store for LOWPC this coming year.

2023 – A Year of Growth and Connection – Bill Richardson

  • The expansion of our Pastor prayer cohorts from 6 to 8 groups, engaging around 50 pastors each week, symbolizes a hunger for prayer among Whatcom County Pastors.
  • Strengthening connections remained a priority, leading to meaningful relationships with pastors, local business and ministry leaders. Our commitment to spreading the message of prayer was evident as Bill spoke at 20 churches, conferences, and chapel services.
  • We added 3 new partner ministries bringing us to 17 by the end of 2023. We minster to directors and ministry leaders and partner with them in Whatcom County and beyond.
  • The commissioning of Katie Steele to a full-time role with Love Life beginning Jan 1st 2024 marked a significant milestone in the history of LOWPC.
  •  LOWPC hosted the Korean Intercessor prayer team for a second year, taking them to 19 different locations, including 7 churches, leaving a lasting impact among more than 1000 people they interacted with.
  • On November 11th, we gathered at the state Capitol building in Olympia for the Pray4Washington event—an unforgettable time of unified prayer. Representatives from local native tribes, council, military, government and education all prayed together on the day that Washington State was founded (Nov 11th 1889).

As we look back, we are filled with gratitude for the milestones achieved and anticipate an even more impactful year ahead – 2024 is going to be full on! To start with, we want to:

  • Increase our partner ministries from 17-20.
  • Host a third Korean Intercessory team in May.
  • Launch Bless Every Home through LOWPC.
  • Increase our Day2Pray churches from 29-35.

Photos: 1. Bill Richardson leading Pray4Washington prayer gathering at the State Capitol Building in Olympia on 11/11/23 – the day Washington State was founded. 2. The board at LOWPC commissioning Katie Steele to Love Life with her husband Brian.


Katie Steele – Compassionate Partnerships at LOWPC

  • The third annual Children’s Prayer Encounter in late July became a sanctuary for over 80 children seeking a deeper connection with God. Three training sessions were held to equip 40 volunteers from several churches to create an atmosphere for children aged 4-14 to encounter the living Lord through prayer, praise, and play.
  • LOWPC partnered with the Love Life organization. Love Life is uniting and mobilizing the Church in Whatcom County to create a culture of love and life with the aim of ending abortion and the orphan crisis.
  • LOWPC took a proactive step by hosting a Love Life Sidewalk Ministry training in September, empowering thirty individuals to minister on the sidewalks of Planned Parenthood. These initiatives underscore our commitment to being compassionate vessels of healing and transformation in our community.

Tim Scott – Exciting Growth in Our Day2Pray Community

  • We are thrilled to share exciting updates from Day2Pray! Our community grew stronger with the addition of three new churches, expanding our reach and impact.
  • The Education Team embarked on a meaningful journey prayer-walking every school in the county, including school board and central administration buildings.
  • We are delighted to announce new relationships with several pastors and churches, fostering collaboration and unity within our faith community.
  • A significant enhancement was the adoption of PlanHero, a software program that aids in coordinating individual and collective days of prayer for each Day2Pray church.

Prayer as a priority

There are different ways you can connect with others in prayer through LOWPC. The prayer room has different sets (or themes for prayer) throughout the week. These include such areas as family, the persecuted church, next generation, amongst others. See the schedule for days and times. There are also prayer walking opportunities at schools and other sites. Several churches sign up for the Day2Pray initiative and perhaps you could become the coordinator for your church if it is not yet involved!
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