County Prayer List

May-June 2020

Arts & Media

  • Digital follow-up of those who accept Christ on-line
  • New Believers will be protected from false teaching on the web
  • Pray for God’s wisdom and favor with worship teams and those on-line to be worshipping in Spirit and Truth even though on a screen.


  • Pray for renters and owners as they both are under lots of financial stress as rent and bills are due during shut-down
  • Pray for small local business owners to be able to survive and adjust anything God is asking them to change
  • Pray for Christian business owners to have the courage to love employees and their community in ways that may be financially painful.


  • Pray for more awareness, union, saturation, dependence and empowering of the person of the Holy Spirit in our churches at every level of ministry! (Pentecost)
  • Pray for every member of the church to be engaged in sharing their faith and creative ways. (Go2020)

Development - Social Services

  • Pray for wisdom to see how we can partner (body of Christ) as we all discern together what it means to be on local mission during COVID-19.
  • Pray for summer camps to be open as a safe place for kids
  • Very difficult for all the organizations that offer services to kids through schools to be able to connect needs to services right now.


  • Pray for parent/teen relationships as screen time and the scourge of porn/social media increase divisive pressure.
  • Pray for teachers and students as they learn how to do distance teaching/learning. Pray for parents to monitor content and progress.
  • Pray that parents have balance in the home trying to have a family devotion/prayer, watch the news, do their work, how to express stress in a godly manner.
  • Pray for campus ministers – still reaching out to students at a time when a biblical outlook is so necessary. Pray also for the international students who were not able to go home and are here without family support. Pray Christian friends will share their faith with boldness and great love.


  • 40 days of prayer for Life – the ending of abortion in Whatcom County was the most violent in our history
  • Pray for those who experience deep anger from the deep brokenness in our society and/or the shame of personal experiences.
  • Pray the Father will show His Church how to show the love of Christ in the place of this anger and shame
  • Families are under lots of stress right now
  • Working and homeschooling at home, $ challenges, 14+ hour days
  • Domestic violence is up 30%, Porn is up 30%
  • Pray for protection over families, esp. children from harm and stress


  • Pray against Government over-reach during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Pray for a cooperative spirit between the federal and state governments with regard to re-opening of the economy, and the levels of restriction on public gatherings
  • Pray for the voices of godly wisdom to be bold and clear in this time of deception at both the governmental and media levels.

Social Services

  • Pray that the Church of Whatcom County and specifically the church of Bellingham, would get involved, be engaged in City government, pay attention, and let their voices be heard.
  • Pray for the TRUTH to be sought after in committee meetings, hearings, debates over city, county ordinances and policies.


  • Pray for supernatural wisdom and protection for medical personnel
  • Many staff at health care facilities have lost their jobs, financial and emotional crisis
  • Pray for supply lines for PPE and medications

International Missions

  • Pray for wisdom to know how to minister in these times, what risks to take, what to continue doing and what to change – in all political and economic systems.
  • Worldwide outreach projects to pray about include: house to house evangelism, cell and radio towers intstallation and maintainance, internet evangelism, unity among believers through many worship traditions, perseverance and endurance in the face of persecution.